Textile Miner Index

March 8, 2021

Miner Index

An open API to explore a rich feed of real-time data to identify and use miners on the Filecoin network.

  • Swagger/Open API
  • UX / Scriptable CLI
  • Real-time on-chain variables
  • Real-time Textile telemetry
  • Query, Profiles, Calculator

Miner Index

Available as an installable command-line tool as part of the Hub.

  • Use interactive interface to query, get, and calculate deals with miners.
  • Use JSON formatting to integrate the client easily with other tools and pipelines.

Miner Query

  • Filter and sort based on performance features of miners storing deals
  • Real-time pricing data for simple and verified clients
  • Filter by miner region (ISO2)
  • Sort by last known activity
  • Launching with only North American sourced client telemetry. More regions to be added in the future.

Example: filter by region

Miner Stats

  • Rich details about every miner in the index. 
  • Per-miner telemetry insights.
  • Observed deals and stats over recent history.

Deal Calculator

  • Batch endpoint to calculate real-cost of storage with any set of miners.
  • Helpful cut-and-paste ready commands for turning calculations into proposals over Lotus and on the Textile Hub.

Data to network

  • Three easy commands to go from query to deal success. Shown to the right.
  • Calculate
  • Set bucket config
  • Ship data archive to Filecoin.

For Clients

  • Start using the API and Calculator for free.
  • Download and install the Hub CLI to use the command line index. 
  • Or use the OpenAPI/Swagger endpoint to build directly on the API. 
  • Join us on Slack to ask for tips or let us know how you are using it.

Create a Deal

  • After you have found a miner(s) to use, try making a deal!
  • Copy paste any of the steps to the right.
  • Use the addr in step three to also get your address verified on verify.glif.io.
  • The archive request queues your deal. You'll need to check back later to ensure the deal successfully stored with your selected miners.
> hub init
> hub buck init --cid=bafybeifowfggkfpjxsvf7cke32ohwqo2i4zd2uycyx2ooxigiu6bpbkytm
> hub fil addrs
> hub buck archive set-default-config --fast-retrieval --trusted-miners {A,B} --rep-factor 2 {--verified-deal}
> hub buck archive
Success! Archive queued successfully

1. Init account

2. CD into a new directory. Init bucket (WARN: 5Gib download)

3. List and fund your Hub wallet address

4. Set bucket default storage config to use your miner

5. Kick off the storage deal with your miner


Learn more at textile.io

Get in touch at https://slack.textile.io